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%Blog_Topic%: Art Status Raised!

%Blog_Topic%: Art Competition

%Blog_Topic%: Small Country Church

%Blog_Topic%: "Painting Small Country Churches" by Debra Snyder Heard

%Blog_Topic%: 2014 Goals

%Blog_Topic%: "The Yellow Rose"

%Blog_Topic%: Won Best Of Show Ribbon

%Blog_Topic%: Just attended an Oil Painting Art Workshop

%Blog_Topic%: Waiting For Romance

%Blog_Topic%: Working at an Art Crawl

%Blog_Topic%: "Artist of the Month" at a local Gallery

%Blog_Topic%: Time For Tea

%Blog_Topic%: "The Perfect Model"

%Blog_Topic%: Old Copper Teapot With Pink Camellias / Finding Still Life Props

%Blog_Topic%: Creating My Own Christmas Cards

%Blog_Topic%: What Is On My Easel?

%Blog_Topic%: "Crimson And Cherries"

%Blog_Topic%: Working With Charcoal

%Blog_Topic%: Learning to Let Go

%Blog_Topic%: Gallery Art Crawl

%Blog_Topic%: Copying A Master Drawing to Improve Drawing Skills

%Blog_Topic%: Taking 228/ART : FIGURE DRAWING

%Blog_Topic%: What Is On My Easel?

%Blog_Topic%: "Green Jar" Part of My Flower Oil Painting Series

%Blog_Topic%: Red Roses

%Blog_Topic%: Orange Lilies

%Blog_Topic%: Licking The Canvas

%Blog_Topic%: Attended A Oil Painting Workshop

%Blog_Topic%: Pencil Drawing Completed of Two Labrador Retrivers

%Blog_Topic%: Red Camellias Finished Oil Painting

%Blog_Topic%: What I Look For When I Want To Take Art Workshops

%Blog_Topic%: Children's Book

%Blog_Topic%: My Oil Painting of Red Camellias

%Blog_Topic%: Attended A Plein Air Workshop

%Blog_Topic%: Eyes Are The Window Into The Soul!

%Blog_Topic%: Pencil Drawing of Two Labrador Retrievers / Beginning Stage

%Blog_Topic%: Gypsy Belly Dancer

%Blog_Topic%: A Song For Women

%Blog_Topic%: Oil Painting Battleground!

%Blog_Topic%: "Body Pump Friend" That Time Of Year Again!

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