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Children's Book

  •       From Debra Snyder Heard's book      "Daniel's Dilemma".

Daniel's Dilemma




When I stopped teaching school 6 years ago I decided to illustrate and write a children’s book. It took me a little over 2 years to do.


The medium was done with colored pencil (prismacolors) on 21, 20 inches by 15 inches illustration boards.


This was my first attempt, and there are many things I would do differently if I ever create another one.


 I found a way to get it printed even though I had to do it myself.  I 'm getting a couple printed out as a special gift for my sons.


Thank you for reading my blog,


Debra Snyder Heard



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My Oil Painting of Red Camellias


            "Painting is a self-disciplined activity that you have to learn by yourself".  By Tomare Beardsen


     When I was younger I always swore that I would never be an old lady that paints flowers. My painting style was more like Salvador Dali’s with surrealism. Now that I’m older I just really appreciate the beauty of nature and things around me. Not taking anything for granted!


     I set up a still life and took pictures of red camellias that I cut from my yard. They are some of my favorite flowers. I am doing a flower series, partly because its spring and everything is blooming, and to practice capturing the vivid colors in my oil paintings.


   I will post my painting again when I finish. Hope you all are having a beautiful spring!


Thank you,


Debra Snyder Heard


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Attended A Plein Air Workshop

          I am practicing oil painting , a small scale study, in this picture.


I attended a 3 day oil painting workshop of the artist Bruce Peil this past week. It was a 3 day Plein Air Oil Workshop, but what I learned can be applied to still life, figurative and, other painting subjects.

I am very excited to get back into oil painting, to put a lot of miles on my brush, and to see how my art work improves!

The class was a small group, and we covered a lot of material.

Being around other artists , having feedback, critics, and learning new methods was wonderful!

Evenings were filled with art friends, wine, cheese, bread, crackers , and good conversations.

Life is sweet and good! 

Thank you for reading my blog!

Debra Snyder Heard






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