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Working at an Art Crawl




         Working at an Art Crawl


I am a quiet person that likes to stay at home, working in my art studio, reading a good book, or working in my garden or flower beds.


I belong to a local co-op art gallery that takes part in art crawls every other month. When it comes time to go to these things I usually don’t want to go, but I make an effort to push myself to advertise my art.


Tonight I saw quite a few people stop at my painting for long periods to time (that means they really like them) to look.  


I made an effort to meet and talk to people that came into the gallery.  It turned out to be fun, and it wasn’t because I was serving the wine. ( :


                                         Here is some more of my paintings.


Thank you for reading my blog,


Debra Snyder Heard                        




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Old Copper Teapot With Pink Camellias / Finding Still Life Props


Old Copper Teapot With Pink Camellias by Debra Snyder Heard


 "Color is like music. The palette is an instrument that can be orchestrated to build form."  By John Sloan 1871- 1951


When I travel out of town I sometimes stop at antic stores/barns for a driving break to stretch my legs, and also to find props for my still life paintings. There are certain things I look for that makes me think that certain items will do well in a still life painting.


Later when I got home my husband asked me what I bought. He hates to go into these types of stores. I showed him the copper teapot and blue vase. I told him about the antic barn that I walked through, how it was so big that I didn’t go through all of it.

He made the remark, talking about the antic barn, “Who in the hell would buy stuff like that?” I looked at him and said, “People like me”.



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Gallery Art Crawl

Here I am standing next to my artwork. I do both drawing and oil painting.



"We are not merely the exrcutors of our work:we live our work." By Pablo Picasso



I am part of co-op art gallery group. We take part in Art Crawls every other month on the first Thursday.  Lots of food, wine, and punch is served which makes it more festive. A musician/singer is hired to play too.


It is a good way to meet people and see how they react with they see my drawings and paintings.


There are advantages and disadvantages of being part of a large co-op group.



-         Having a place to show my artwork.

-         Meeting other artists.

-         Meeting new people that like to look (and buy) artwork.

-         Makes me produce more work within a time frame.

-         It a stepping stone until I get my work into a better gallery.



-         Being committed to work at Gallery one or two days a month without pay.

-         Not all artists are easy to get along with (it’s usually the amateur artists with big egos who’s artwork is not good).

-         -Meetings

-         Fees

-         Gallery gets a large percentage of each artwork that is sold.




Really like having my artwork together in a group.


Thank you for reading my blog!


Debra Snyder Heard




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Tons of Pricey Cheap Crap!

" If you start with something that's false, you're always covering your tracks." By Paul Simon

Uncle Bill by Debra Snyder Heard


I went into Hobby Lobby (which is always packed with people) today for art supplies (not a lot of choices in town) and got depressed. I saw many people buying huge framed prints and posters. Others had baskets full of stuff to decorate their house with (not Christmas stuff). They were buying cheap art prints that will be thrown or given away later just to get rid of, when they redecorate.


When I walk onto a person’s house for the first time and see original artwork (even if its kids work or an amateur’s original), it makes all the difference in the world. Poster prints are ok, but they are in the same group as plastic plants. Why spend so much money on tons of prints and stuff to decorate when there are so many artists on websites, and galleries in town that do wonderful work? Why not spend the same amount of money on one good artwork instead of a bunch of cheap crap to fill up space?


I realize that people buy art to match their living room. The work has no personal meaning to them besides matching colors. Many professional interior decorators do just the opposite when they decorate. They will buy a painting or artwork first and then match colors and style.


I took piano lessons for a long time (eight years) as an adult when my boys were younger. The gentleman I hired to tune my piano told me he looked forward coming into my house, because he loved looking at my drawing (of a man on a horse) that I had over my piano. This guy had been in a lot of houses, and he knew what good art was!


My suggestion to people who want to buy original art but are not sure how:

  1.  Look at lots of art, go to art fairs (not craft fairs), art galleries, and look at artist websites (there are tons of them).
  2.  When you see one that captures you in your heart and mind that you enjoy looking at and want to own, then that’s the one to buy even if you have to    make monthly payments.
  3.  Buy art work that you will keep , hand down to your children and grandchildren (be sure to tell them the story of why you bought it).

 This type of art will not get dumped into the trash when you change furniture. It will be one you will enjoy and cherish.


Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions or want to say something, please do so.


Debra Snyder Heard




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