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Music While I Draw

I am a very contented and happy artist when I'm drawing and listening to music . Add a coffee or tea cup and  homemade cookies, my dog Daisy sleeping in her bed in my studio, and having the house to myself, is my definition of heaven.


My drawings take a long time to complete. To keep a steady hand while drawing, I have to keep the rest of my body perfectly still. This means only my drawing hand and eyes are moving. It’s like being a surgeon in the operating room (I will never have a doctor operate on me unless he/she has taken art lessons).


Every line is placed on the paper for a reason. Nothing is drawn randomly! It can be very tedious at times, but it is worth the time and trouble in the end. To keep from getting sleepy (from not moving around much) I listen to music I love, which is a lot of different kinds, but mostly Blues Jazz. My favorites include Ry Cooder, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Nina Simon. I  take short breaks (load the dishwasher or washing machine), and walk my dog. Living in Louisiana has made me appreciate blues jazz music.  Just wanted to show my gratitude towards the musicians that make my drawing time more fun!


Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

Debra  Snyder Heard


 Renaissance Girl by Debra Snyder Heard


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