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Life is Too Short and Sweet!

Marleina by Debra Snyder Heard
Marleina by Debra Snyder Heard


                                      Life is Too Short and Sweet!

                                         By Debra Snyder Heard  


Every once a while I used to put myself down with thoughts like:

 “Why didn’t I major in something else that makes more money?”

 “Is this the only choice I have with hearing disabilities?”

”I bet people would respect me more if I were a doctor or lawyer!”

“Am I kidding myself that I’m a good artist?”

I spent years as an art teacher, graphic designer, mother, cook, housekeeper, and creating my art whenever I could, and putting everyone else’s needs first.


When I turned 50, I read every advise book I could find on what to expect in life at this age and older. I felt that time was running out! I want to do what was important to me! I made a choice to change things.

 New rules in my life:

 No more pleasing others, my time is very valuable!

 Say no to anything that I don’t want to do!

Spend as much time as I can each day working in my art studio.

 Don’t compare myself to others in any way!

 Take care of my health physically and mentally.


I went from teaching art classes full time to part time. Joined body pump and zumba classes, and then belly dancing which shocked my family and friends (I am a very quiet and shy person).  The dancing helped me feel good about myself and spread to other parts of my life. My drawings became part of what I do and see in life. I’m having the best time of my life!

I chose my drawing of belly dancer as the front page of my website because it represents to me as a creative woman, expressing my joy of life to the world.



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